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Yoga holiday in Dahab

  • December 22th - 29th 2013 (Christmasweek)

This yoga week under the eternal sun of Egypt is designed to energize and restore body and mind. At the same time, you can deepen your yoga practice and gain new experiences.

During this week we focus on the various aspects of Classical Ashtanga yoga. In the morning classes we practice mainly Asanas, physical postures that stretch and strengthen the body. In the afternoon we are studying some Asanas in detail, learn basic breathing exercises (=pranayama) and practice meditation. In addition I teach a bit about philosophy and theory of Yoga. This week is suitable for everyone.

Dahab is a relaxing and beautiful place on Mount Sinai, only 1 1/2 hours' drive from Sharm al Sheik (international airport). You can snorkel and dive (scuba diving and free diving) on the beautiful reefs, but Dahab is also a paradise for wind surfers.

Other activities such as trips to the stunning desert, camel rides and a visit to the famous monastery of St. Catharine ensure an unforgettable holiday.

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